Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clive Hart takes on Labour Leadership in Thanet

I see posted on Cllr Nottinghams Blog, that Clive Hart has taken on the Leadership of Thanet Labour Group after Richard Nicholson stood down.

We're told Clive Hart defeated Dave Green after a “comradely campaign” whatever that might be (sounds very grown up, but so boring).

Clive Hart is I understand a regular reader of Bignews at least that’s what he tells me whenever we meet, which as it happens is generally in Tesco’s Cliftonville, anyway Good Luck!

Obviously at this stage its not known whether the increased burden of the leadership will mean more or less photo opportunities for Clive, I’m tempted to think more.

Lets hope the local Conservatives will at sometime revitalise, their standing in the community and also change leader.

Finally I hope that Richard Nicholson enjoys the backbenches.


  1. He certainly works hard for his constituents and the people of Thanet - he has the community at heart! Well done!

  2. Good for him.

    I see that the Tories have a new problem to deal with now that Cllr Watt-Ruffell, the Mayor elect for Margate, has his skeletons being made public. Again!

    But wait, look on Thanet Strife and Super Sandy ( or is that Godfather ) is riding to his aid.

    Was Watt-Ruffell the drunk at Rokka? NO! Because Super Sandy says so...!

    All Tory Councillors get in line to rent an alibi from Honest Sandy..!

  3. My congratulations to Clive. Whatever else we may disagree on, he does have passion about the future of our area.

  4. Super sandy to the rescue - always covers up for his mates by bullying and intimidation! Please please put an end to all the dirty dealings and replace him for the good of Thanet!

  5. Interesting but clive has his own skeletons in the cupboard which wil no doubt come out in the coming weeks least of them is his failure to speak out against Doug Clark when Cheryl Ezekiel's union demanded an apology from the Charter Trustees for the intimidation and bullying that Clark did against her. He was nowhere to be seen when they made the apology nor was any of the others. Not surprising the leader got nasty to him really is it. the standards commitee didn't investigate because they don't do charter trustee misdemenors. otherwise Clark would have been banned without doubt. And Clive is a great supporter of Clark. This stinks in my opinion but people are so keen to knock the leader that they wont attend to there own failings.

  6. Its no surprise Hart beat Green,we will soon see what he is truly made of, I too am sorry to see richard Nicholson go he is infinitely better than Hart will ever be, and now he has his cronies round him it will be amusing to watch,As labour has truly lost th confidence of the electorate and he knows he will have a tough fight to beat Chris wells and Mike Jarvis in the KCC elections,,this may just save him for a short while in local politics, i was amused to say his aim is to clean up local politics,
    his resignation would be a good start.