Friday, April 17, 2009

Gazette’s Smudger on the news pulse

we've got a pulse

Not being a subscriber to the Gazette’s “Smudger” thisisthanet Twitter page, I’m often out of the loop on hot news, still I noticed the twitter feed on Thanetonline blog, offering a warm welcome to a fleet of tall ships that had arrived posted 4 hours ago.

I assume this is not the same flotilla that turned up on Wednesday and departed on Thursday.

Anyway here is a link to thiswasthanet, I reckon the editor of Thanets Northcliffe titles could afford to buy the crews drinks all night since I think their long gone.


  1. Tony, See P23 Daily Telegraph letters page - your mate Paul Carter written in support of big highly paid council executives, spouting off that their pay levels are not commiserate with those in the private sector or something - was so shocked at that coming from a conservative, so didnt read anymore - in another part of the paper George Osborne saying they are going to cut back on the civil service gold plated pensions etc!
    if you cant find it i can scan it and send it to you!