Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Peter Gilroy recipient of bonus

It seems every day, that Kent’s Tory administration does its level best to push the limits of credulity with every increasing acts of profligate spending.

The taxpayers of Kent could be forgiven for thinking just how crazy, can things get in Kent’s council administration as the latest excess comes to light.

Believe it or not Kent’s Chief Executive Peter Gilroy who as many of us know is paid more than the Prime Minister is subject to fresh controversy as its revealed that he received a bonus of £31,065 in performance related pay?

Now Paul Carter has failed to convince many apart from himself presumably Peter Gilroy and a small group of supporters that, the chief Exec is on a high salary to attract people of his abilities but what I want to know, if that is true then why or for what is he being paid extra. What are the extras?

If your a Tory how can you justify Paul Carter's spend thrift administration?

And finally how big is the public sector begging bowl?

Oh and on top of that Mr Gilroy took another £12,000 grand for a few days of annual leave?

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  1. It will make no difference. The 30 percent of Kent voters that turn out only vote on national party lines. There are a few exceptions to this in KCC elections that are illustrated in districts such as Margate and Clifftonville that return more than one councillor. The party vote does get split. With only one or two tory seats with small majorities in the last election only a tory landslide can result. So come on you independent, green, libdems, ukip, raving loonies and others and get out and vote on local issues.

  2. Your political instincts are as way off as Gordon Browns Tony. Labour are going to get wiped off the face of the map at the election even if Gilroy pays himself a million quid a year with all the Moet he can drink.

  3. I will be voting for the Tory candidate, not Carter or the other twat!

  4. Anon 10.42

    Please consider all the candidates in your area on any past local performance rather than just saying you are voting for the "tory candidtae". After all Paul Carter is a tory candidate and in the interest of democracy it will not be in your interest if there is no or little opposition at KCC. At least at the momment we have a few libdems and labour that are able to question and expose issues like the fat cats pay at the scrutiney committees. This will not happen if the opposition is decimated.

  5. Maybe I'm just too mean to local Tories but since our local newspapers tend to ignore the crazy goings on from Maidstone its one area I shall continue to comment on.