Friday, April 17, 2009

It's simple really

This blog is really addressed to Dr. Moores, of whom I would like to say before anything else, appears to be, the subject of rather preposterous and unwarranted insinuations elsewhere in the Blogosphere.

That said I'm sure that some would agree that, when cllr. Simon Moores is discussing politics he is capable himself of coming out with his own brand of tosh.

On Tuesday I made reference to the Tory groups inexplicable, decision to throw vast amounts of money at senior top knobs within TDC's Administration. Now since Cllr. Moores chaired that particular committee and rubber stamped a rather generous increase, presumably already agreed with by Sandy's cabinet, so to some extent his comment to me, "I really you wish that it was all as simple as you paint it" is fair comment.

However, I cannot help but think, that leading members of our local conservative run council, are themselves easily led by council officers rather than the electorate in general, do you get the feeling that our Sandy has an agenda policy or even a clue, no thought so.

One thing that is clear, is the fact that the due to the economic downturn most council's including Thanet District Council will be experiencing a fall in the revenues, so what most of us would like to know, is whether Sandy, Roger and or financial supremo Martin Wise even bothered to suggest to chief executive Richard Samuel and his fellow officers, whether it wouldn't be fair and reasonable to have no increased salaries this year and share the burden of economic hardship experienced by most businesses and residents not employed in the public sector.

No one is asking Sandy and his rather lacklustre cohorts, to be mean to council staff, but really let's be honest what has Richard Samuel, assuming his pay scale has been increased done to deserve it and why do we now need a deputy chief executive also on an improved pay scale

It seems incredible that neither Sandy Roger or Martin Wise as tories have made any pronouncements on making real economies, such as staff cuts etc. I wonder what a real tory like Mrs T would make of this crowd, not a lot I suspect.


  1. Its maybe a bit of back scratchin and that Bunnett was quite helpful, recalling all sorts for that investigation.

    Old Samuels is in demand apparently doing a bit of medical work with the NHS so he must be on top of things in his office to afford to nip out the office for more meetings.

    I bet Sandy & Roger just wanted to say thank you for all the help they've had.

  2. It's sort of a "Yes but" answer Tony, which is why I said it's not a simple as you think it might be.

    One has to focus on the relative levels of any settlement, previous agreements which remain standing and the fact that cutting down the size of the management team but increasing the levels of responsibility will save the taxpayer £200k this year even with any increases accounted for.

    It's not a simple Black & White decision process even though you or even I, would like it to be.

  3. I think that they are probably just too decent to want to talk about private matters in public Tony. Not like me and you. How much do you earn from your track laying job? Couldn't we get it done cheaper using lads from Poland or Albania? I am certainly not happy about paying above the going rate if it can be done using cheaper labour from elsewhere and think of all the extra nurses and teachers we could have if the taxpayer had to pay less subsidy to the company that you work for or are subcontracted to. Not to mention increasing my pension so that I don't have to live on the breadline.

  4. Simon it really is simple, your self employed, you price yourself according to market conditions, comparable institutions to TDC in business are making tough choices, if as it appears you and your colleagues are not prepared to lead and manage the council then do us a favour and resign or sack senior officers and get some who are more taxpayer friendly and cheaper.

    Anon 6:03 it depends on what firm you work for as to pay, much of the work is harder than sitting on your bum all day playing B*llsh*t bingo at pointless meetings, I understand that many companies, where they pay a basic wage it is probably around about 14K increase depending on skills.

    If your prepared to work long hours, you can earn good money in my own case I've often done 10 hours on site and traveled 4-5 hours a day, 13 days out of 14, as you can image after months of doing this you get a tad jaded.

    As for foreign labour I've worked with Albanians, Romanians, Poles, Lithuanians, I've no problem with them in general since their only there to earn money and will and do move on for better money.

    Many Trackmen, like me, work for agencies have no, job security so its difficult to give an earnings figure since if there's no work, we don't earn unlike local authority bods.

    Also as understand a Chief Excutive of a local authority can be so damn important and busy that they have time to moonlight for the NHS.

    Whats decent about putting out a press release suggesting that you've taken no increase, when in actual fact you've done a few favours and been rewarded with a pay scale adjustment for several thousands, from some rather dubious types who clearly cannot conduct themselves in public.

    Anonymous 6:03 your too shy to give your name, couldn't do my job, simply put you don't have the ability to do what I do, even when it comes to voicing an opinion, you have to hide.

    When your balls drop do chip in again 6:03

  5. Well said Tony, same Mr Nasty who keeps cropping up I'm afraid. Keep speaking out we need it

  6. Someone rattling your cage Mr.Flaig? Dish it out but can't take it? Typical of the bully boy you and your blogging pals obviously are.

  7. Don't worry 01:06.

    Thanet born, Thanet bred, Strong in the arm, Thick in the head: must have been written for people like him.

  8. "cutting down the size of the management team but increasing the levels of responsibility"

    Oh. You mean fewer people doing more work. Yes. I know that one. It usually means nothing gets done properly.

  9. Or things that don't need doing not getting done. It's called efficiency.

  10. Ha! As if. You mean like subbing out the beach cleaning to an agency and then the agency immediately laying off staff? That sort of efficiency?