Friday, April 24, 2009

Margate Harbour Area

Earlier in the week, I was as I frequently do, wandering around, the Habour area, and was pleasantly surprised, to see that work at least along the Parade is completed after what seems years.

Still a couple of things niggle, and its probably my middle-age grumpiness, but how far are Margate’s Cafe’s allowed to extend, on to the paved street. I note that one has now crossed the road from the bottom of the High Street and looks as if, left unchecked, might well be serving coffee and pastries in Cliftonville soon. next stop cliftonville

The other thing, that’s bugging me, although work has finished along the Parade, I just wonder why contractors have found it necessary to just abandon, old signs and fencing.

whats this


  1. Thought It was really great to be able to have a drink sitting in the sun,can't see what the problem is-at least he is open and doing well-unlike "impressions"who i was led to believe,took the money and run.
    Cafe G is a great improvement to the area-good luck to him.

  2. Hear hear. It's lovely to see people at tables on the street. Real continental-like.

  3. here, here I agree it nice to see tables of people outside, I spent an amazing evening in Ramsgate in 2005! (twins don't get out alot) it was Friday in the summer left by 11, it was light til about 10pm and I could have believed I was in the south of France, the boat's the atmos, was amazing I was proud to be from Thanet, and know I too am an old grumpy I was realy near the Royal which I used to hang out in, so expected trouble!! no probs (maybe I was the trouble?) the only time I object to tables and chairs outside is when an establishment infringes on the pavement, then I see red, I have twins now 4 and when young in a double buggy it is heavy and unweldy, which is handy when you want to inflict damage if tables and chairs or anything realy are on the pavement I just ploughed thro, tables and chairs flying, pot plants, the odd car mounting the pavement, bashed and scratched, I live in the US now and there is constantly the same car parked across the pavement on a busy road and it is my ambition on a day when the children arn't with me to walk across the car, and if challenged I will say "oh car, sorry I thought this was the sidewalk!" and if you don't think I will do it I kicked a car in Boston which went across the crossing when I was walking across it and had a rant at a driver of a truck yesterday when he turned on a red light which is legal but not when a pedestrian is crossing but left me in the middle of a four way intersection with 2 4 year olds and the lights changed by the time he had got round the corner, I think my words of choice where you are a f89king moron! I am trapped here now you f99king moron, not eliquent I know but from the heart...I got told off by my Kids, "mumma you don't swear (telling off tone, and I don't swear normally, save it for special occations..) only daddy can swear and thats bad? why you swear?"
    (Tony ask Em about the walk to Wingham with the boys and I took the wing mirror off a car! not on purpose but I had threatened it then by accident did it!) and the reason I get angry, imagin you are in a wheelchair, partially sighted, or just a plain old mother of twins who's pevis has been buggered by the pregnancy ... then try jumping up and down curbs, navigating tables ect. Rant over maybe..

  4. By the way until the car incident in Wingham I always used to go to the door of the house when a car was parked on the pavement to ask to move it I was polite and never a problem, they used to appoligise and I never found the car there again, it's just they hadn't thought about buggies, wheelchairs ect, easy mistake but that car was constantly parked in the same place and no one knew who owned it, except it appeared and disappered at times. I am not a vandal!

  5. okay I am but in a just cause I feel!