Monday, April 27, 2009

To twitter, blog or take a stand?

Been catching up on the papers today, since I had no time yesterday. Nothing really taken my fancy today, other than the gentle stirring of candidates in the county elections.

Perhaps a notable situation worth a comment, would be Paul Carter(Kents Tory Leader)and his recent, almost embarrassing backing for highly paid KCC official Peter Gilroy, both might well feel a tad uncomfortable, if they pay any heed to George Osborne, the Tory shadow chancellor, who appears to agree with me, that pay for public sector workers, ought to reflect economic conditions and is promising to end the "age of excess".

Perhaps both ought to brush up their C V's. Anyway you can read more about that if you click here for yourthanet’s report.

Oh yes I mentioned contenders warming up for the coming frey, drawn to my attention by a couple of emails, from the opposing candidates, one informing me that highway improvements are about to start, on the Eastern Esplanade, at the end of May (although he doesn't say whether he will be helping out, or posing for a photo opportunity, or both) and the other candidate is offering a facebook friendship.

Whilst both messages are welcome, unfortunately, my mind is almost made up, as to my to voting intentions and anyway, I know I'm cheap but please. (just kidding!)

Politics is a serious game which is why I occasionally mention it in passing, right now people are suffering, and when we pick up a newspapers, read of mediocrity, being rewarded by the taxpayer, whether its money spent on luxury goods for MP’s or eye watering salaries in the top end of the public sector.

Still should there be a popular uprising by the electorate against the status quo and snouts in the trough and all that sort of Mullarkey and enough people were to demand my nomination, as the voice of reason in a world of skewed and stale politics let me know! I'd be interested.

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  1. Go for it Tony. Questioning things is what a leadership team is supposed to do but I've not seen nearly enough of that these last nine or ten years.