Monday, April 06, 2009

KCC Credit Crunch solution - quantitative squandering !

If you think that Paul Carters Administration is just a handful of Tories wandering around Maidstone, Sessions House, looking self important, pompous, and generally waiting for council officers to dream up new ways to massage their masters egos’ , then I reckon you’d be about right.

I cannot think of any intuitive, originating from Paul Carter’s Kent Tories, that hasn’t appeared to, have emanated other than from non-elected council officers.

Still maybe that’s not entirely true, since it emerges Kent Council have increased the amount of “officers” receiving more than £100,000, from 16 two years ago to 30, which I assume must be Paul Carter’s attempt stimulate the local economy, using the old trickle down theory, Kent taxpayers’ money trickles out of their bank accounts, is then collected, and poured in to the pay packets of top officers and who then flushed it down the drain never to be seen again.

Make no mistake our senior officers are special here in Kent, for this reason they can waste millions and still keep their jobs and fat salaries. Millions of pounds disappears on publicity whether its full page adverts, pointless help lines (that nobody calls), printing their own magazines which have articles, telling us how blooming marvellous they are, and that's not all of course, as we all know the Audit Commission, found KCC Negligent (no surprise except to Paul Carter, Peter Gilroy and colleagues) over the loss of millions in Icelandic Banks.

I just have this idea that as people enter Session House (KCC HQ) that they must be affected by some temporary paralysis of the brain, perhaps with near lethal doses of bollix emanating from council officials, how else do you explain a Tory administration wasting money at every opportunity, assuming the culture of waste is actually one of Paul Carter’s deliberate policies then maybe its similar to Labours “quantitative easing” only instead using funny money, KCC goes for squandering our real money.

Anyway for more insight into how much money is wasted on overrated and overpaid local government top knobs refer to the Taxpayers alliance website always available on the right hand sidebar.

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  1. We need to get rid of the current KCC admin and all their management.