Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kent County Elections

wannabee You’ll have likely noticed, increasing activity on your door mat, just recently, in amongst, appealing leaflets offering allsorts of exotic foodstuffs chips, pizza, kebabs etc you will find local candidates grinning out of cheaply produced election pamphlets, with various innocuous statements about personal triumphs and if you’re lucky some wild promises of what they’ll do for you in the future.

Anyhow with this in mind maybe its time, to examine how to get yourself, into County Hall, first off your best bet is to be a member of a political party, do a bit of brown-nosing and maybe join the lodge if you don’t mind dressing up and exposing yourself to banal rituals, which are so stupid their kept secret and with luck you’ll bag yourself a safe seat.

Of course its too late to pursue the normal route coming election and any way the thought of joining a political party and supporting some hypocritical agenda is too uncomfortable for most of us to contemplate. That leaves the independent route and often eccentric route, which is popular with those who’ve upset the clique running their preferred local political party, and those actually wishing to contribute something to the community.

I’ve thought about it myself and just wonder what my policy would be apart from trying to instil, some sense of responsibility at Maidstone, which appears to me to be sadly lacking particularly under Paul Carter’s leadership, where it seems any half baked idea, so long as it has nothing to do with core services, that the public expects gets the green light like, Kent TV, Kent Healthwatch and those other diversions that have nothing to do with delivering services.

I just wonder if Tim Garbutt is considering having a bash in the county elections, as he’s declared himself as a future parlimentary candidate for South Thanet, might be a good time to test the water, particularly with his strong local concerns.

All I can say is god help all those functionaries, on hundred thousand plus salaries if either a competent Tory or Labour administration took charge with the intention of delivering services, rather than Kent’s multi million pound PR budget.

Any way if you fancy a go click here for info you have until May 7th to get ten registered voters to sign your nomination


  1. Tony you can start the ball rolling, i would love to see you square up to Mr Ruddy face!

  2. What I think we need is a well hung county council where approval of all is needed rather than the present one where everything just gets nodded through without any meaningful debate. I know there would be a lot of horse trading but at least the council would concentrate on the core issues and not get involved where it is not needed or wanted.