Tuesday, November 21, 2006

East Kent hospitals may close
as health services move into the community

Kent and Medway NHS, are looking for ways, to provide more care in treatment in the community rather than hospitals, apparently they have recently produced a discussion document called 'Kent and Medway Fit for the Future'

The local pressure group CHEK (Concern for Health in East Kent) are expressing fears that there is an agenda already decided presumably including closure of some hospitals.

It seems like only recently we had the debate over hospital services in East Kent, and fortunately this was one of the rare cases where Thanet came out ahead of the game, now it looks as if CHEK have some genuine concerns, however I seem to remember that this particular organisation was more concerned about saving facilities at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, than they were about looking after the interests of Thanet where needs are greater.

Anyway surely the Managers of our local NHS services, would rather trim the numbers of administrators and cut their own salaries before they took a machete to our local hospitals, wouldn't they? unlikely.

CHEK (Concern for Health in East Kent) website

BBC Radio Kent story



  1. I heard part of this on the radio this morning, it is very worrying I feel. But as the Medway hospital is in the headlnes at the moment with deaths perhaps they may shoot themselves in the foot with it.
    However all this does no good to the morale of staff at East Kent Hospitals

  2. Canterbury had its A&E department cut down a couple of years ago. Im not suprized if the QEQM is under threat as well.

    Cutting hospital services wont reduce demand, however much those in the upper echelons of the NHS would like that to be the case. How many people will lose their jobs?