Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cash for honours probe

According to reports from the BBC up to five Cabinet ministers have been asked by the police for interviews, is this a sensible use of police resources, the plain and simple truth is that over the years, businessmen, trade unions, and other organisations have contributed towards party political funds, and presumably such arrangements haven't been entirely benign.

When a business, makes a contribution towards, say the Tory party presumably they expect some concessions, where by legislation aides there business, so what if the Labour Party have been slightly more honest with some of their business contributors and had the decency to offer a place in the House of Lords by way of thanks.

Let's face it, we don't live in a total democracy by any means, for our democracy to operate political parties need funding, and since the British public are fairly apathetic, many never bothering to even vote, let alone dip their hands in their pockets, where are political parties meant to get their money from? The taxpayer.

Wealthy people and organisations have always used their financial muscle, to influence our politicians one way or another so really, where's the beef?

I think our police have more important things to concern themselves with particularly in a week when yet another deluded British citizen (Dhiren Barot) has been convicted for conspiring to bomb the people of this country.

Liberals will no doubt be offended, but one thing's for sure, politicians will always be open to persuasion for money, and extreme religious fanatics will always be happy to murder the enemies of whatever stone-age deity they happen to believe in, me I know, which of these PC Plod should concentrate.


  1. I think you miss the point. Political donations by rich businessmen or patrons per se are not unlawful.. its failure to declare them that is.

  2. As I understand it, the allegation is that somebody at the Labour Party had the wizard wheeze of asking for 'loans', rather than donations, as under the rules at the time, loans didn't have to be declared. The 'loans' were then, er, put on the back burner, and everybody got a gong! Hurrah for democracy!