Monday, November 13, 2006

Liberals to assist recruitment for BNP?

Gordon Brown is apparently calling for tougher laws over the incitement of racism after a second trial against the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, failed to result in a conviction.

Now without a doubt, the views of Nick Griffin, and the BNP are extreme and unpalatable to the majority of us. As a reaction to this acquittal, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, has stated ''any preaching of religious or racial hatred will offend mainstream opinion in this country'' he then goes on ''We have to root it out. If that means that we have to look at the laws again, I think we will have to do so.''

Nick Griffin, was tried twice, in the first instance I believe that a jury was unable to reach a verdict, and in this most recent trial he has been acquitted, and whilst many people would like to see Nick Griffin and his ilk silenced, it looks as if the government would like to do this by deliberately changing the law, something to me which seems reminiscent of many Banana republics.

I have not acquainted myself, with the facts of the case, because I have no wish to sift through the BNP website, but I understand the theme of his speech was that Islam has some very disturbing elements, something which you could presumably say about Christian and Jewish religions etc, now believe it or not, to me there appears to be a mirror image of BNP bigotry in other communities, so would it not be best, to allow these extremes of view to be exercised as part of our traditional free speech.

About a year ago, the government failed to introduce a law on religious discrimination, which would have had the effect, of making any theological debate illegal, saving our freedom of speech for a little longer.

The fact is the liberals who run our government and institutions somehow think they have a God-given right to know what is best for us, also the educated middle-class think that the ordinary British public are incapable of distinguishing between the twisted arguments of racist bigots and genuine concerns of working people who are most affected by social policy of multiculturalism.

If Gordon Brown, wishes to curtail free speech and honest debate about the country's changing social mix, then he is likely to become one of the best recruiters for fascist organisations since Oswald Moseley.

Personally I have rarely, voted Tory, so I am unlikely ever to vote fascist, but the refusal of mainstream politicians, to acknowledge the social divide caused by multiculturalism is pushing many towards the BNP.

Suggest you read Rod Liddle from the Sunday Times

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  1. Just a thought. One thing is missing from all this and that is the reaction from the resident religous teddy chuckers. These people lost the plot over cartoons, and yet, considering the subject matter of the trial and the result, we have heard not a single peep.

  2. Could anybody tell me what Nick Griffin had said which was so offensive!!

    I thought this was a person just speaking their mind in a country which tells us its so great to be able to have the right to freedom of speech.

    The reason the BNP is being voted for by the the people of this country is not that they are ignorant extremists, but people who have basically had enough of their country being ripped apart by illegal immigrants.

    We live in a country where the english people have given up their own identity to make way for people who our here for a FREE LIFE.

    You cannot put your national flag outside your house for fear of being repremanded by the council because you have just upset the local foreign community.

    As long as the government continue to ignore the people of this once great country, political parties such as the BNP will continue to grow.

    We live in a country where our schools do not meet the requirements of the students, the police cannot deal with the criminals on the streets and the health system is in decline.

    The government our the first people to sort out problems abroad and look after the people of those countries which is all well and good but what about looking afer your own people!!!!!!!!

    The problems aren't abroad their in your own backyard.

    Mr Griffin has found an avenue to reach out to the people and will continue to do so, as long as this government continues to fail us.

    Im not a supporter of any political party just a person who is saddened by what is happening to this country.