Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein to hang

At last the verdict that everyone expected, and Saddam is at last going to pay for his crimes against humanity. It's at times like this, that I wonder whether the authorities in Iraq be they, locals or coalition forces should have acted in such a civilised manner as to give this barbaric monster a fair trial.

Emotionally probably along with 90 per cent of the world, I would like to have seen Saddam Hussein left in the hole, in which he was found behaving in time honoured way of all evil dictators by hiding from his victims and the forces of justice.

But because most of the world is civilised, we have given this scum, a fair trial, and months for which Saddam has no doubt rationalised and justified in his own mind, his many years of raping, murdering and torturing his own citizens, and now he wishes to lodge an appeal.

He as also requested a firing squad, personally I think hanging is about right for this person, for one it is not instant, and secondly I believe it is probably more environmentally efficient and carbon neutral.

Still because we're civilised, we give people a fair trial even when we know they are not worthy of such behaviour. For humanitarian grounds I personally think he would have been much better though, if someone had just put a bullet into the back of his head when he was originally captured, I think his continued life has in some way encouraged his followers to continue their murderous sectarian campaign in Iraq.

Lets hope his sentence is carried out swiftly and humanely, he doesn't deserve it but the world does.

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  1. I find this very difficult, though I have no doubt that the man was despicable and desrves to die. Nevertheless he was leader of his country, and with strong, unscrupulous support from us and the U.S kept it secular and much more stable than it is today. Thank goodness he was tried by his own people and not in a Western court.