Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Royal disappointment from the Times

Yesterday as I perused the news stands for a newspaper to entertain me during my lunch break, I could hardly contain my joy when I noted that the Times (not the Thanet one), was giving away a wall poster, charting the family tree of our noble and wonderful Royal family which even now is decorating the floor of my study (spare room) my happy and complacent mood however was abruptly derailed on page 33 as I slurped my way through the fruit salad I'd purchased at the same time.

You ask yourself, what could have upset me, well the terrible truth is that second in line to the throne Prince William, was apparently refused entry to the Club class lounge on P & O ferries Pride of Kent on route to Calais, it's not as if this was some Oik trying to bludge his way into somewhere he wasn't entitled, imagine the rejection the Prince must feel, how could they.

According to the Times report, the company admitted that it was embarrassed, I know how Prince William feels, recently when I travelled with Continental Airlines to America, the check-in staff made some fuss of the fact I would be spending my 50th birthday abroad, briefly I thought I'd struck gold and would be upgraded into business class from my normal seat at the back of the plane, needless to say it didn't happen however we did get exceptional service no in-flight entertainment until the last two hours of the flight, no explanation, no apology not even the obligatory thank you for flying with us, as you got off, in short I got what I paid for.

Welcome to the real world of Prince William, and your brief encounter with how the other 99. 999 percent live.


  1. P & O 's behaviour has been absolutly beastly

  2. Willy left out in the cold, eh? Must have shrunk his ego a bit.

  3. Should have paid his £10 surcharge then he'd have been let in, tight git. Bring on the Republic.