Friday, November 10, 2006

Jon Snow Channel 4 news reader
too self-important for Poppy?

According to many of today's newspapers Jon Snow, one of the presenters on Channel Four's news programme, has been receiving complaints from viewers for not wearing a poppy whilst presenting the news. In response to this he has stated on the Channel 4 news blog that 'there is a rather unpleasant breed of poppy fascism out there' quite what this means, I'm not sure.

Now many commentators agree that our armed forces have fought and sacrificed themselves for freedom, free speech, our liberty, independence for Britain, which is true and Jon Snow also states his respect for their sacrifice. Even states towards the end of his blog "there really must be more important things in life than whether a news presenter wears symbols on his lapels" this being the case, why not wear a poppy and stop being so self important.

It seems that Jon Snow, feels that if he wears a poppy on air, then naturally it follows, he should, then wear symbols of various charity organisations, well I don't think this is the case, for what ever reason throughout the years the armed services of this country have made great sacrifices, for the British people as a whole and in comparison, his failure to conform just seems like the actions of a prima Donna.

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  1. Having worked with Jon Snow I can tell you I can't think of anyone further from being a prima donna. For example, while other TV types get ferried around in luxury limos, Jon comes to work every day on his bicycle. He's charming and self-effacing, but takes his journalism very seriously. He does wear a poppy off screen, but feels that if he wore one on-screen it would somehow compromise his journalistic integrity and independence, so he doesn't, despite huge management pressure. I admire him for standing up for what he thinks is right.

  2. Anonymous 09:54 AM whilst Jon Snow may well be self-effacing, charming and serious about journalism blah blah blah the point I was trying to make, is that wearing a poppy signifies a universal and non-partisan acknowledgement of the sacrifice made over the years by servicemen and women, for this country, who for whatever reasons, be it for principle, for defence of the country and comrades, or just because their superiors gave them an order have sacrificed everything on behalf of this nation.

    Jon Snow conforms in as much as he wears a suit and tie (the universal uniform of news presenters), when presenting the news so really what's the problem with wearing a poppy, again which is pretty much a universal practice.

  3. Typical of certain aspects of his generation, born after the war and so right on in the 60s. Look at the mess they made of this country.

  4. I don't wear a poppy either and never have done. Don't forget that buying one results in a donation to the British Legion, which is not a charity I choose to support -only because my charitable loyalties lie elsewhere. I think your reaction demonstrates precisely what Jon Snow means about "poppy fascism". And, at the end of day, as he says, who cares?

    Not wearing one does not mean a lack of respect for those who have died fighting without a choice, ie conscripts.