Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanet Council penny pinch this Christmas

The Thanet Gazette this week report that Thanet Council bin men will receive a reduced bonus for Christmas this year, previously they have been used to receiving £150 clear up money, the Council are currently offering £100.

Since many supervisors bosses and office staff, will be taking full advantage of the Christmas break and taking considerably more than two days off, £150 seems a fairly poor reward, for cleaning up after the festivities, whilst many Thanet residents sit in front of a warm glowing television for a week or-so.

If Thanet council need to penny pinch, perhaps we can see greater scrutiny of expense payments and the like made to our local councillors. It has been the custom in the past to pay staff in the waste collection Department, £150 why can't they just continue, surely if the councils that strapped for cash they could make savings by not printing Thanet Matters the Council's propaganda sheet (not only would this save money but there would be less rubbish for our bins).

Still it's not all grim news, if Thanet council fail to relent staff could always go to one of the debt advice events that the council are running. Click here for information

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