Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Full access to comment feature resumed

Despite all the abuse I have been receiving, I have switched off the comments moderation, so feel free. Although naturally I retain the ability to delete anything too offensive


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how exercised people get over some issues. There is nothing wrong with others taking exception to your views, and disagreeing robustly, but there is no need for all the "language" used in the previous posts. And why do people always use "fat" or "overweight" as an insult. Like you, Tony, I am on the wrong side of 16sts - significantly so! - but have convinced myself that fat is sexy, I bovvered?

  2. Dear sir you might well wonder why you are getting such offensive replys,My answer to this would be that motorcyclist are constantly attacked by misinformed,jumped up arrogant,half blind cage driving arsewipes like yourself,who like to spout off at every given chance about something you yourself admit you know nothing about.I personally find you offensive.Bikers are the salt of the earth,they do a fantastic amount of charity fund raising,the majority will always stop and help a fellow biker in distress, they carry out numerous mercy missions (blood and organ transplant transportation) easter egg runs,christmas runs etc so instead of running them down i urge you to get a motorbike and find out what you are really missing out on.Life can be so much fun on two wheels.