Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Turner contemporary (Pier Project)

Someone at KCC kindly sent me a copy, of a report detailing technical and financial analysis of what Paul Carter(KCC Leader) called 'Turner offshore' , I referred to as 'Turner debacle' , and now appears as the 'Pier Project' this obviously details facts and figures on the aborted Turner gallery ( Snohetta and Spence ) project.

Now I am unaware as to whether this report is available on the KCC website, but it's probably not, however should you require a copy I am sure that someone at Kent council will assist you, as part of the freedom of information Act click here for contact details, alternatively I have a pdf copy, which I could e-mail.

Now to be honest, this report tells you a reasonable amount about the facts and figures, the disappointing thing, is that it doesn't detail meetings or correspondence involved in the debacle nor a final figure of money wasted when this project was finally terminated.

What would perhaps be more pertinent, would be some report, that gave details of at what point realisation occurred, that the previous Turner contemporary Gallery project was hopelessly over-budget and totally unrealistic, when Edmund Nuttall Ltd, presented the final fixed price of £39 million back in February this year, what was the reaction of Kent council representatives, for instance did anyone use the F-word (farrago) I know I would.

I suppose we will never know who finally realised this was a complete Bollix, and set in motion cancellation of the Turner Debacle Gallery.


  1. I agree,8 million shared between 17 people is hardly worth the bother,is it?