Saturday, November 18, 2006

You have the final say on biking!

First off, I have been writing this blog since April, in that time I have written approximately 300 odd posts most of which have been crap. Out of the 300 posts only one, touched on biking, the rest were a mixture of politics local news and anything I chose.

Now nowhere do I claim, to be an expert in anything, least of all biking, right or wrong also in my profile I suggest that facts should be checked because quite simply this web blog is based on my opinions.

Now unlike many Web blogs, I take responsibility for what I say up front, unlike others. Also I often criticise, people such as politicians and celebrities who put themselves into the public arena so I cannot complaint if I get some criticism.

I would point out, that I have no malice towards any road user least of all Bikers whom I've always considered to be more vulnerable than others with the exception of cyclists of which I am one. Nowhere on this website have I ever suggested harming any road user.

I simply reacted to people I don't know and who don't know me giving me abuse. I'll leave you with a comment, from one of the contributors (of which there were a few) which as far as Safety is concerned I agree with, and since my original posting concerned the Minister of Transport perhaps he would like to comment ?

Corona said...
Hello Tony,I think you have the reaction from Motorcyclists you were possibly hoping for.I can only hope that no serious incident is caused by your comment about brake lights.If you find that someone elses driving/riding makes you uncomfortable let them pass and continue on their way,it can be the only safest option for all concerned.Comments and actions like yours however published will cost someone their life.Live with that thought.


  1. Good on ya Tony, looks like you're finally admiting you were wrong.
    Either that or you're worried about the fact your picture is on the internet and there's alot of bikers in your area that might want to discuss this matter further on a face to face encounter.

    Laters mate, and keep coming on to our site if you wish to chat further, but atleast try to string more tha 3 words together other then "Make it Large"

  2. Of all the things I have had to say on all the topics the only one that caused anything more then the need to delete a few rubbish comments was when I tried to call to attention substandard workmanship with photograpohic evidence to back it up. That one landed me a trip to A&E and a formal denial from TDC that it was one of thier guys.

    Sadly there are burks who want to be rude instead of debating things.

    Sadly some live in or arround Thanet.

    As for the comment by kemittheflyingbog I guess I'm reading a different version...

    Keep your chin up and all that lark and try not to let the odd troll get you down.