Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tony Blair confirms US puppetry

Tony Blair yesterday confirmed just how much of a lap dog he has become for the American nation, people know how pro-American I am, but even I draw the line at the Prime Minister giving evidence to a inquiry over Iraq, since the government appears to have ruled out any question of an inquiry into Britain's role in Iraq, Tony Blair's most recent toadying to America is remarkable.

Britain had a key role in coming up with apparently bogus information about Saddam Hussain's weapons of mass destruction, resulting in the death of thousands of people, perhaps Tony Blair could now help explain some of the mistakes that have been made in Iraq rather than be at the beck and call of the Yanks.


  1. nice to see your page getting back to the kind of topic the general populous is likely to agree with, even if it is a little "old hat"

  2. Sausage Boy,

    Thats better. Good to see you know your place.

    ps where's the best sausage rolls in Margate.

  3. Come on Tony. lets see some more.