Sunday, March 25, 2007

Clocks go forward

Why can’t we just have our time kept to standard, twice every year the flaig brain has to wrap itself round the concept of time changes without the excitement of a plane journey to some less mundane location than the planet Thanet.

Apart from the impossible mathematics of whether adding or subtracting an hour to the time means I win or lose an hour.

It generally takes an hour or two for me to become acquainted, that there’s been some mystical shift in chronology, for a while Mr Microsoft would pop up when I switched on the old computer and discreetly announce the situation, and offer to quietly deal with it whilst I guzzled my mug of Tea.

Seems more often than not, now, the first I hear of the change is as I’m scanning the papers. Mrs Me alerts me in the same serious manner, that occurs in those American spy movies, the scene where president is informed of a threat to the nation, pauses for a moment to look serious, then orders increased military alert level to Defcon 2, just short of launching the nukes.

The clocks have to be put right, NOW. No time to read the papers!

Why do we do this, apart from the minor irritation of having to correct clocks, and worse still those digital devices? Why not as some safety campaigners’ wish keep things at British Summer Time, as this extends hours of daylight long enough during the winter evenings for most of our kids to complete there journey home safely reducing fatalities. I would also benefit by being able to read the Sunday paper uninterrupted.


  1. You're right - it would be much better to stick with BST. However, the Jocks would all moan, as their dingy country would be in permanent darkness or something. Sod 'em. In return for getting all our money, the least they could do is let us fiddle with the time space continuum.

  2. Please no insulting remarks, many scots I know are only to pleased to live south of the boarder and they never complain about the english stealing the Oil or object to being british. One thing I have noticed is that few "scots" ever return home prefering to live amongst the people they love.