Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The smell of failure in Margate

New Labour have been in power for 10 years, they came to power with slogans “Education, education………”, and “Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime”, and what have they achieved.

Education parents dread the thought of increasingly expensive university tuition ( except Scotland subsidised as ever). Despite being tough on crime Mr Blair still finds it necessary to visit the subject in a speech today he will announce fresh reforms, new targets makes you wonder, what if anything Blair’s has achieved in his ten years.

All we can judge any governments performance on, is our own experience and how we are effected. Judging by the amount of youffs smoking cannabis, openly in the street Northdown Road and the Parade Margate opposite the harbour in the last week, then I’d say Labour isn’t working.

I would contact the police but which ones, the real ones the PCSO’s on what phone number ? would they respond?


  1. i agree with most of what you say but i am far more concerned with the "youffs"hanging around with beer bottles and drinking and swearing and shouting also spitting and spitting gum out on the pavements"they are covered in this disgusting stuff"...

  2. What bothers me is that Youffs are so brazen and dependant.

    The ones I spotted opposite the Harbour obviously had no worries what so ever, about the police intervening despite the cop shop being less than 500 yds away.

  3. Labours record on education is particularly appalling. The costs of running educational establishments has soared, excluding the much trumpeted yet to really bite building schools for the future programme. University entrance is being skewed for social engineering purposes and the quality of it has slumped in many areas (reality not government claims). Few students get value for money under the current fee system, and the Treasury and universities already have £10,000 per year fees pencilled in. There is such a mess to clear up behind this government now in every area of operation - almost nothing they have done is sustainable in the long term wihtout huge tax rises on top of those we have already suffered.

    Something like 40% of the population is on some sort of means tested benefit, and government is constantly expanding its reach into and control over our lives - unless we gamble, drink or shop, then we are good citizens of this government feeding their indirect taxes and distracted from their nonsense.

    Agreed, OVIT a bit of a rant; but a thoroughly deserved one against this shameful failed and lame duck adminisration.