Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Global Warming/Warning!

I understand that Britain contributes a minimal amount of carbon to the world atmosphere but yet our government steps up to the challenge with the Climate Change Bill, were going to save the world with a 60% cut in carbon emissions by 2050 .

How did this come about, this is my theory, Tony Blair's sitting in his office worried about his legacy, pondering as to whether anything could distract the British public, from the Iraqi debacle, the countries last attempt so save the world. In walks his parsimonious successor Gordon, mumbling about global warming, carbon emissions, footprints etc. Blair quickly realizes if its possible to sort out the climate its brilliant and he can claim the Climate Change Bill came about on his watch, if fails it will cost the tax payer a packet and he can blame Gordon who'll be PM when it becomes law. Either way the debate will help take some of the heat off Blair’s toadying to the yanks in the Middle East.

Nobody else looks like their about to make similar efforts to curtail global warming so why should we, if our attempts work it wont help because we’ll just choke on pollution from the rest of the world and how much will it cost.



  1. The global warming scare seems to be a politicians dream come true.
    They are able to take the moral high ground and also raise tax.

    I did a lot of homework on the subject and was amazed at the facts, CO2 only contributes 3.6% towards the greenhouse effect, of that most of it is from natural sources, more on my blog.

  2. And all this before he wants to vote for £20Billion to renew the Trident Nuclear weapons system. (bbc article here)


  3. Well every little helps Shinguard,

    I understand that some greens are beginning to warm to nuclear power adem . Therefore I think this could be seen as a more acceptable weapon of mass destruction being fairly low on carbon emissions accept of course for all the humanity incinerated.