Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm not sure, but I have found since I started at this blogging business, that my blood-pressure has risen, now I don't think that this is necessarily due to blogging, but more likely my age, perhaps a case of acute "grumpy old man" syndrome. Having started this blog I now feel somehow obligated, to serve up fresh insight into our world every day, even thinking maybe I ought to offer an excuse, on those days when I don't blog, as if to return to my teenage years, when improbable events occurred almost on a daily basis, preventing delivery of my school homework. Still sod it, I write these posts to relax .

What is it that makes me grumpy, is it the passing of the years, lack of achievement or the realisation that I as an individual can't influence anything more significant than whether I have tea or coffee for breakfast. Any how perhaps once in a while I should try to be positive.

This in mind I have been fairly mean to politicians of the Tory variety. So just to redress this, I would like to applaud David Cameron's, swift sacking of his colleague, who's ill judged comments on racism in the military , were out of keeping with acceptable standards.

Roger Gale's "view" in the Thanet extra is concerned as he is, unlike Tony Blair, with the high demands placed on Britain's men and women serving in the armed forces and the lack of support with materials to do their job. Additionally I see that Mr Gale has tabled a question with the Secretary of State for the Department of International Development, concerning the welfare of livestock belonging to refugees from Darfur, in Chad. This commendable indication of concern for all living creatures would certainly get the vote of many including, Mr Puss the Flaig family cat whose not easily influenced, except with a tin of tuna.

I hope it to report more positive items soon.

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  1. Perhaps DC will force Latchford to rethink and quit (again). On that note, I'm off to attend to my flock of pigs.