Monday, March 19, 2007

What’s the difference between the Public & Private Sector?

Its not just local government administration that upsets me, its most public spending bodies, take the NHS according to this weekends Observer out £19bn put in directly to hospitals and community health £6.6bn went on increased pay.

Its seems that everyone involved in the public sector ignores the fact that they work in a safe, mainly secure job, paying themselves generally more than they would receive in the private sector, assuming that their job has a viable purpose.

I think its time for politicians to stop spoon-feeding public employees, and get real. how often do you hear, that this public authority or service has to pay high salaries in order to attract, the right quality of staff. What I would like to see is public services impose a pay freeze and then see how long they have to wait before private business starts snapping up all these inspirational managers, I personally think Hell would freeze over sooner.

This criticism is aimed at the top nobs, obliviously a few probably are worth their salaries, but those for instance who do the much of the essential work in hospitals for example the cleaners and porters are the most poorly paid (why cant Chief Execs pay a living wage to essential staff).

In local government, perhaps the most surprising thing is how some councils like Kent apparently have money to burn for crazy schemes, example rumours abound that the Tory led council is planning to have its own TV station cost £800,000.00.

The worlds gone crazy in the past Civil Servants knew they had safe jobs, accepting reasonable pay levels, Tories promised efficient local government, and the Labour party wasn’t run by conservatives.

In answer to the headline question, difference is the Public sector erodes wealth, whilst the Private sector creates it something even our Tory friends have forgotten.


  1. It's no rumour that KCC TV is going to happen, the tender has already been advertised in the TV trade papers.

    Of course, for £800,000 less than KCC TV, you can get ECR TV!

  2. There we are.. ECR can be the presenter and I can run it.. having already done something similar in London, which became a complete disaster when the government decided that it was only "A pilot" project and removed all the year 2 money, pulling the carpet out from everyone that was involved, me, the BBC, Newham. Camden, housing associations etc.

    I wish Kent rather more luck and it has all the potential to become a complete waste of taxpayers money!

  3. I wonder how many sacked librarians that £800,000 would pay for?