Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thanet tops league

Thanet is not the worst at everything, this week it's been revealed that Thanet tops the league, for teenage pregnancy, Hurrah but as ever, even this triumph seems to have attracted a downside, it seems that the government wish to crush this little achievement by insisting that single mothers will now be expected to contribute to society by getting a job once their child has reached the age of 11.

What sort of priorities do we have in this country.

Surely mum knows best, what society are our children are to inherit, if they see their mums, going out to work at such a tender age.

Imagine the shame of couples, who have to admit to choosing work over benefits. Just exactly what sort of effect, do working parents have on children, imagine the shame at school. Is it any wonder that so many children, disappoint their parents by not gaining an ASBO, or even a police caution by the time they leave school.

Lets hope our local schools, don't try and teach any nonsense about contraception or social responsibility.

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