Sunday, March 25, 2007

How about tomorrow ?

Mr Puss takes a Keen interest

This weekend Tories have been out and about in my road delivering the first political pamphlet before Mays council elections.

The first page extols their green credentials and has a nice picture of what I think might just be, one of councillor Latchford's famous displays of plastic flowers. They mention how they’ve introduced wheelie bins, they don’t mention their probably the last council to do so, or that flaig mansions is still waiting and despite the public satisfaction record of 83% was a tad hacked off, that the bins weren’t emptied this last week as was promised and required a telephone call to sort.

“Building our Future; based on our past” is the heading on page 3, their not too specific here, I assume this means they will be putting back on sale those items they’ve taken off for the election; also if we let them they will be only too helpful, in assisting the owners dreamland to cash in big time and convert a local asset into grim housing development.

The back page has a panel headed COMING SOON
•New Swimming Facilities (I though they having a public consultation on that)
•More Public Conveniences (why not open those you’ve closed)
•New Leisure Facilities (these were planned ages ago)
•More Haine Road improvements (I have not noticed any)

No mention is made of where local Tories stand on Westwood Cross Housing, Dreamland, Turner, or even the Marks & Spencer building that has cost millions and after one year they can’t say what their going to do with it.

To those of you who vote conservative because you believe they will be careful with your money think again, instead of having ideas they have consultants. Where is the strong master plan for Thanet. WHERE IS THE VISION FOR THANET

Still it remains to be seen whether New Labour can come up with a strategic plan for Thanet.


  1. How true is your final comment Tony - at least you have a leaflet to criticise from the Conservatives!

    The Labour leaflets seen to date seem to say even less.

    Look forward to your expose of their literature as well...

  2. I can assure you chris that I will be every bit as kind to Labour assuming they get their backside in gear and post out some informantion.