Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ladyman may have more time for constituents

Looks like Sunday Times are cooking up a scandal involving Prisons minister, Gerry Sutcliffe and Stephen Ladyman Transport Minister, South Thanet MP. What it all boils down to in Mr Ladyman’s case if anything, is that he may have been slightly too helpful with friends who were also political consultants, a similar sort of relationship that many politicians have with journalist.

As an occasional critic of Ladyman myself, I think this is just so much Bull; particularly when you consider that they had an one reporter working inside the consultants firm, Golden Arrrow and this is the best they can come up with simply put I suggest that reporters Claire Newell and Robert Winnett wasted 2 months on this (unless their saving something for next week).

Sunday Times story


  1. Just FYI - "Thoughts" has a "t" in it!

  2. I think i may suffer from Diss lex E ER any comments are always welcome particuluarly to the Editorial kind.

    Thouhtg had sorted this out previously.

  3. hardly a great scandal of any sort