Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ramsgate Ready for Easter Weekend !

Having read Eastcliff Richard's sometimes disparaging remarks about Margate I thought I would take a low profile tour of Ramsgate and was surprised to see its already for Easter weekend, which for my fellow heathens, starts on 14th April Good Friday (Please check I’m crap at dates). **** Update I was wrong and have been corrected by Adem of the Big Blog IT's the 6th April****

It looks like preventative measures, have been taken to address, the increasing numbers of senile delinquents, coming into Ramsgate, special measures have been taken, these include boarded up toilets, as well as fencing off the bandstand, up on the eastcliff, to stop old people congregating in large numbers in the hope of spotting famous local celebrities.


  1. Good Friday is actually on 6th April.

    It looks like the council is expecting a riot! Batten down the hatches!!

  2. I've been taking a similar tour of your hovel, er, home town.

    You can watch it on ECR TV.

  3. I’ve seen you in swanning around in your Bentley Flying Toss oblivious to the simple charms, the coffee houses, artisans from around the world who come to Margate to soak the ambience and a Stella.

    Park your limousine, suggest near a camera or else bring one of your entourage to mind the car, mingle with the people.

  4. I absolutly agree with you tony.(we are all in the gutter but some of us choose to look up and see the stars)..