Sunday, March 25, 2007

News of whose world?

This Sundays News of the world, sometimes referred to as News of the Screws, for it obsession in reporting celebrity sex scandals, has as it s front page, the usual muck raking this time involving Prince Harry.

The paper carries the usual “Exclusive” tag but maybe Editor Colin Myler ought to consider why its exclusive maybe nobody is that interested.

I’m no supporter of this countries Royal family but even I find this report completely unnecessary for this reason Prince Harry is, due to an accident of birth a member of the royal family. So he has never sought celebrity, secondly he volunteered to serve his country in Afghanistan and thirdly who hasn’t stumbled drunkenly out into the street after an evenings drinking (probably 20years since I have, mores the pity).

I just wonder what piss poor dull lives the journalists James Weatherup, Rav Singh and editor Colin Myler lead, also if they have ever offered to risk their necks in the same fashion as the Prince.

I buy the News of the World for scandal, targeting celebraties and politicians who seek publicity is fair game and always enjoyable but picking on someone because of family connections is unreasonable particularly when they are serving the country.

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