Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Theatre Royal

Just noticed a web site where you can register your opinion re the councils takeover.


  1. Click away, ECR, I have just scanned the list of comments and would have to say they all show great emotion for the theatre, but do not have any facts to go on. Unless and until the staff and trustees of the theatre admit the truth, that they have hit the buffers, everything else that is said and written is based on the misconception that we can go on as we are. If you want the structure of the rescue package changed you have to accept its necessity and then argue for something different over the next few months. This outpouring will get us nowhere because it is not based in fact. Michael Whetaley Ward and his staff, whom I know ell and support and sympathise with, have to start from where we are not where they would like us to be.

  2. Elaborate Mr Eastcliff

    Chris look at whats on at the Winter Gardens, mediums, clog dancers from vienna tribute bands and celebrations of world war 2 entertainment.

  3. Oh and the occaisional "this is what were going to do anyway" consultations