Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Act in haste!

Yes, that’s right repent at leisure. As you can imagine I churn this stuff out not for public adulation, recognition or aggrandisement (look it up you lazy reader!) but simply for the pleasure of writing in my own primitive style (and don’t blame me, blame Kent’s second rate education system).

Yes if I can broaden peoples understanding and knowledge of the world, whilst having a little fun, that will do. Still I must admit I am beginning to feel left out, with some local bloggers becoming minor celebrities, there are even stories of local cab drivers, bragging that they’ve had that Simon Moores, in the back of their cab and if that’s not bad enough their he is in today’s ‘Times’ still grinning after some dog has taken a second bite out him. As for that ECR blighter, who reneged on the offer a bun and a cup of tea, for help on his ECR TV project, words fail me.

I have used several blog listing sites to broaden my readership the results of which have been patchy so far, also I had that recent run in, with some anonymous authoritarian, who decided this blog wasn’t a good enough reference for Wikepedia.

Anyway feeling ignored, bitter and twisted, etc, particularly since my Google rating reverted to also-ran, my mood lightened when I noticed that I’d obtained a ranking with Technoranki.com (who) and found myself at position 277, only 274 places behind the countries most famous blogger Iain Dale, even better no mention of any of my Thanet competition.

Still it’s a pity I deleted my Technoranki logo recently, particularly as I believe this might affect my future placement damn.

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