Sunday, June 24, 2007

Blair’s last stand
Ends with meaningless twaddle

Well its here at last, Blair’s finale, and wouldn’t it be good if the last ten years had lived up to the expectations which I think even those who generally voted Tory shared on the night of his election to government. To be honest it’s only in the last year or so that you realise the enormity of the Blair deception, it started with all that nonsense from the Tory press of government by spin, which most people ascribed to sour grapes, but ever since the scandal over that bogus weapons of mass destruction report, only his die hard supporter seem to believe him.

Well life's full of disappointments and for most that’s how is been. Here’s some of Blair’s failures, ending free education, and introducing the lead weight of debt to students of middle & low income families (free in Scotland), minimum wage just a pathetic PR stunt (from someone who will no doubt be fully immersed in the trough out of office), sending Britain’s forces into an ill thought out conflict on the basis of bogus information.

In fairness, there have been improvements, to the health service but at vast cost, as an example your GP is earning more than ever, working less and you can’t see them at the weekend. The economy has improved, but we see mismanagement, family tax credits out of control (I’ve just received a statement informing me of my entitlement 4 years after last claiming (£0.00)).

So how’s it end up, on his last weekend of power, apart from a slightly stale smell of something that’s been in fridge to long, we have Blair taking a firm stand in Brussels with his four now famous red lines but totally meaningless since I’ve yet to see any report in the Media that gives an adequate explanation. I suspect that as ever, that whatever advantage he’s secured, it will be something like our opt out on the working time directive, where British citizens are 2nd class and have less protection than the rest of Europe.

Artists impression of Blair's four red lines (not as clear as they should be)

As with any contract such as this Treaty, unless there’s a clear simple explanation of their purpose, then these things are bound to cause dispute, example most people have a contract of employment, this tells you what you want to know pay, holidays, etc the rest is small print, all we’ve got is waffle.

Will it get any better with Gordon Brown, I think not, this is what he has to say "Thanks to the negotiating skill of Tony, the four red lines have been achieved and I think people, when they look at the small print, will see that we did what we set out to do, and that was to make sure that in these areas we were properly protected as a country to make our own decisions when we want to do so."

One major change to add to the Blair legacy, which has set us on the road to break up of the United Kingdom, as Scotland heads toward separation, Blair is the allowing an unelected monolithic EC to negotiate international agreements.

Finally being the showman to the last, with his look at me approach, even something as simple as choice of faith, appears to involve the taxpayer, funding his visit to see the pope, since he has as I understand been a practicing catholic for some time, was it really necessary to head off to Rome.


  1. Blair says this is a good deal? What planet is he on? He was so off the ball he didnt notice the French try to get rid of the EU's commitment to the free market!

    His red lines were red herrings and what we have here is nothing less than the Constitution with new clothes on. 90% of the draft treaty is regurgitated from the old Constitution anyway.