Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First and Second Class Kent

Sometimes as I drive through Kent I am struck by what I see as special treatment for West Kent, and a clear example of discrimination seems to be the roads system.

Take this as an example, on the one hand perhaps one of the busiest roads in the county, the A256 between Ramsgate and Sandwich continues to be a complete pigs breakfast; whilst at the same time you will find driving heaven, on the A228 between the M20 and Kings Hill, luck of the draw you think.
Well I think whilst we pay the same tax as everyone else in Kent, towards the counties roads, it so happens that much of our money is spent in Maidstone, and Kent council, has a fairly large presence at Kings Hill, so surely it cannot just be a coincidence that they have better roads, despite less traffic?
Bliss on A288 @ Kings Hill

I wonder if our county councillors (Tories) in Thanet and East Kent, actually have a clue as to where are moneys going, particularly since one of them, once explained to me coincidently, how Kent council had purchased West Malling airfield, with public money, but now this has been redeveloped into “Kings Hill” money earned from developers, is no-longer ours but “regeneration money” or what I prefer to call Magic money.


  1. Of course, when its done it will look better than the example you use at King's hill.

    What we all must remember is that our traffic problems are now at the same level that West Kent's were 15 years ago, a good sign that our economy is now catching up..

    I have always had the view that you cannot decorate a house with out a bit of mess and disturbance along the way


  2. Ken What we must be aware of is Maidstone centric spending of our money and frankly suggesting that traffic problems are a new problem or even catch up is wrong.

    That road at Kings Hill has the five star treatment I'm sure for no other reason than the number KCC and Maidstone council officials who like an easy drive into work. Even when it was a single carriage way there was rarely any significant problem.

    Fact is they have our money and they intend to spend it.

  3. Totally agree Tony, last week I drove along Kings Hill, it is a waste of public money, and agree least the County Hall workers can get home earlier!!
    East Kent roads desperatly need improving, it takes too long to drive in and out of the Thanet area, and this is not good for the local economy and does not encourage inward investment. Sure if a drug company decided on a large new site for a factory in Thanet, KCC would magically come up with new money for the roads?

  4. I doubt far away in Maidstone & Tunbridge Well they give a toss