Sunday, June 10, 2007


As with everything, you tend to get what you pay for, particularly with your Sunday papers, of course the main choice is whether to buy down, middle or up market. However whether your reading the Times or the People, you’ll find that the term ‘story’ is very appropriate to most of what we read.

Last Sunday in common with many people, I stumbled across Nick Dorman’s piece about Margate, which I’m sure was factually correct, where fact occurred, but in my opinion, it was selective and constructed to be a sensational piece. Just what you expect in a ‘popular’ Sunday paper.

Now I see that according to the authoritative and much respected EASTCLIFF RICHARD blogsite, that former local journo Nick Dorman has felt it necessary to communicate his offence at remarks, which he believes have crossed the line of fair comment.

Well he might be right, it seems that its not only residents of Margate, that have feelings, meaning we don’t like being rubbished by some down market Sunday paper, seems that journalists don’t like those they offend biting back.

Obviously, no one can condone libel but maybe a sense of proportion is called for I’ve had threats and libels by some of my readers and find it best just to ignore them.

Still its refreshing news, for those journalists, who write unfair inaccurate reports, that the worlds changed and just about anyone can legitimately challenge sloppily written stories, I have on more than one occasion.

Any way good luck to Mr N. Dorman, I hope he finds something positive to write about Margate and soon.


  1. Yes.absolutly agree with you bnm

  2. He should have taken the criticism on the chin IMHO, although to be fair he did put up with quite a bit of slagging off on my site, and only snapped when someone added a comment which contained the word 'Nazi'. In my opinion the comment was in no way meant to describe him as a Nazi, but then if he had launched a libel action the only way to test that opinion would have been very expensively in court.

    I've removed the offending remarks, but it's still pretty clear from the ones that remain what people around here thought of his story.

  3. I though nick went over the top, still it was nice to see that Eileen O'Brien of Thanet Times nip down to the Doggett and get a slightly different story, brave really I should think, journo s may not be welcome down there at the moment

  4. Perhaps tyhose still in Margat can't see the wood for the trees - I left two years ago and was shicked by what I saw when I came back.
    I think the People article - although sensational in style is pretty much on the button in content.
    Also it isd important to remember that the people being criticised are those who have moved to the Isle to take advantage - not true Fanet folk...
    I think the criticism has been overly harsh and reactionary.
    But that's just my opinion....