Monday, June 11, 2007

What did you do last Weekend

Above is a view of where I spent my Sunday afternoon, which was pretty much the peak of my weekend experience, particularly since I spent Saturday at work.

Despite the grim overcast look outside Flaig mansions, I managed to pursued Mrs Me that the sun would be shining just a few minutes from Thanet, sadly I was mistaken and ended up in Deal.

Being fifty, naturally I was drawn to the Bandstand, we have one here in Margate in Cliftonville but never having seen any activity I was curious to find out what you could expect. Which in this case was what you might expect, a brass band (Whitstable Brass)

Had it been warmer we would have stayed for the whole performance, for one I like brass bands and another we must have been the youngest couple there.

The Deal Memorial Bandstand, has a free concert every Sunday afternoon @ 2pm until September 23rd. Not sure about the Broadstairs, Eastcliff or Cliftonville Bandstand.

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