Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shock-horror on the domestic front!

Yesterday's problems with the PC have now been resolved, and Mr Puss seems to have calmed down a bit.

So today I thought I would, have a quick comment on Sandy Ezekiels, reaction to news that the Nayland Rock hotel is about to become a detention centre for asylum seekers. According to yesterday's Thanet Times, our Sandy is quite passionate on this subject, but since I have little time, to analyse the great man's opinions fully as reported in the Thanet Times, I'll get straight to the heart of the matter.

It's suggested that councillor Ezekiel, will use every lawful means at the Council's disposal, to oppose the Nayland Rock becoming Britain's first seaside prison. Sandy is quoted as saying 'this is a change of use and will fight this through planning and use every enforcement tool available to us to ensure this does not go ahead' . Now if nothing else that shows a clear commitment, to defending Margates traditional role as a seaside town.

The motivation for this tough line, is apparently the effect it will have on regeneration of Margate and I for one fully agree with him on this. Now the only problem I have, is the unequal treatment, given to two of Margates assets, on the one hand we want to keep traditional hotels in Margate but seemingly on the other hand Dreamland, again a traditional asset vital to the future and character of the town, has been abandoned by Sandy Ezekiels administration.

On exactly the same question, that of the change of use, the Tory lead council, could not capitulate quick enough, to the rather strangely named, Margate Town Centre Regeneration company based in Reading, whose owners Waterbridge, took a punt on Dreamland and hit pay dirt, when the council cleared the way for a change of use on this site.

Had Thanet council had the balls, to also stand up to Waterbridge, in the same way they appear to be about to do with the Nayland Rock hotel, then I reckon the owners of the site, would have by now sold the site to an operator in the entertainment industry.

It's a pity that the Tories could not be consistent on maintaining the character of Margate. Now for some reason best known to our local Conservative Party, they frequently have a problem in understanding regeneration, their interpretation seems to be, that regeneration involves tinpot developers making a packet by building endless granny flat developments etc. Personally my interpretation of regeneration means breathing new life into the town, with such things as the Turner Contemporary Gallery but also development of other enterprises which will generate money for the town, one of these which used to be Dreamland.

The net effect of confusing, endless housing developments, retirement homes, commuter homes, granny blocks etc with regeneration is that it offers minimal, economic activity. It's unfortunate that simple minded Tories don't understand that towns need industry as much as they need housing, until they do this area is finished.

Assuming that Thanet council will allow developers to wangle their way into destroying the heart of Margate, then this area will rightly remain, the first choice, dumping ground for the Home Office rather than the last resort.

Anyway I can't discuss this much more, I have bigger concerns than Margate front, on the domestic front Mrs Me, has a better memory than I, judging by the anniversary card left ostentatiously by the kettle this morning and that slightly frosty look as I escaped out the door. Must write out that card and cook dinner before Mrs Me returns from work.(might tidy this one up later no time just now)


  1. you can't carpet amusment parks

  2. Yes i agree with you tony but we must all unite and stop the nayland rock becoming a centre for failed asylum seekers.sandy is right on this one-it is totally the wrong place and will ruin any hope of regeneration for margate.if as is said gatwick is the airport that will be used then it makes sense to hold them nearer gatwick.this cannot be allowed to happen people will be too scared to use our lovely beaches and new investors wont invest.we are just on the turning point of regeneration....

  3. Very well said regarding the 'regeneration' of Margate big news, although we have to realize that its developers and big business which really run things, they have the best liars sorry lawyers and chums in the right departments at their beck and call!

  4. Just a thought...

    did anyone care about the nayland Rock and its historical importance to Margate before the recent news of use by Migrants?
    I think not.
    I know for a fact that if it was not used for one purpose or another it would have crumbled into the sea along with many of Margates forgotten and neglected buildings.
    I have worked at the Nayland Rock hotel with asylum Seekers and I also am a tax payer so I can see it from 2 sides.
    migrant's have stayed at the nayland for almost 5 years now, did anyone really take a great deal of notice before the recent news?

  5. Look.loads of people in Margate cared about the state the Nayland Rock had become largly due to it's greedy very rich owner.he does not give a stuff about margate,only making as much money he can make.I can remember when it was a thriving hotel-and it could be now with all the generation that is starting to take place in margate.Investors are lokking to find sites for a hotel and this would be a fantastic opportunity to bring this splendid building back to its proper usage,a hotel.

  6. I agree with what you say in the main but I don't agree wholly with your definition of regeneration. Yes it is intended to breathe life into the town but I think to do that we need the housing developments so that more people are there all year round who need the town facilities.There seems to be too much emphasis on seasonal trade in the town generally which means it is pretty dead October to April. I love the place all year round and I think if the facilities improve (to match the influx of new residents)it can only be a good thing.

    As for the Nayland Rock plan well words escape me. Hopes of regeneration do not sit easily with the degeneration such a silly plan would lead to.

    Keep up your great work.