Monday, June 04, 2007

Theatre Royal continues to baffle

Does the situation concerning Margates Theatre Royal confuse and baffle you. I have listened to several, explanations over Margates Theatre Royal status. I've read and listened to people telling me, that the Theatre Royal, continues as an independent entity separate from Thanet District Council. But then I read in the local paper, how Heather Sawney, Thanet councils very own arts development officer, has stepped into the breach caused by the departure of interim manager Robert Sanderson.

I realise I'm stupid, but just what the hell is Thanet council doing, providing staff to the Independent Theatre Royal.

Still maybe things are about to become clearer, because someone has appointed Will Wollen as the new artistic director of the Theatre Royal, included in the list of things in Mr Wollens C V are his appearances in plays by the author Kafka.

To many the explanations given by all and sundry at Thanet District Council, are as incredible, as they are incomprehensible but maybe this new guy before he gets his teeth into artistic matters, could himself be seconded to the council, and maybe able to explain the Kafkaesque machinations behind the councils interference in the Theatre Royal.

In all honesty, I'm not quite sure I understood that last paragraph myself, I ask that young children now look away, here's what I meant to say, could someone please explain all this bullshit we've had from Thanet District Council, how they're not actually running the Theatre Royal when clearly they are the de facto management.


  1. Ms Sawney is, and continues to be, on the TDC payroll

  2. So can we assume that the 'early removal' of previous interim manager Mr Sanderson was due to some form of ineptitude, as I can see no other reason for Council employee Ms Sawney now taking over the job which he was contracted to do for six months(and probably still got his full contracted salary for!)

    Also do we know, or could someone enlighten us as to who interviewed and employed Mr Wollen? Was it the Theatre Royal Trust or the Council, or have they now transmogrified in a Kafkaesque way into the same thing?

  3. Oh you lovely naive things! KCC is already in the 'luvvie' game with Winter Gardens; they couldn't resist a lovely heritage place like Theatre Royal. KCC is now moving into TV; b****r the insanitary collection system for waste, we're in the media game and you Council Tax payers can foot the bill.