Monday, June 25, 2007

Big mistake for Bignews

Saturday I made one of my rare outrageous statements and suggested that maybe the BBC, were holding back a bit, on sensitive news item concerning the Nayland Rock. I also sent them an email asking why their news on demand was not available for Friday.

Not having received a reply, I rang up in my usual indignant manner, only to have it explained to me that person responsible for making their news features available had been involved in a road accident. Fortunately the person in question is on the mend.

I understand that news on demand will be fully back “on demand” around Wednesday.


  1. Thank gawd, it would have been really bad to think the BeeB were censoring Margate news... We cant be that important can we.... Seems not!
    Oh well....

  2. Can we have some more 'Local TV' items tony? It seems that debate has only just started.
    Mark Hewins

  3. I hold both the and web domains and would like to contact people who are interested in developing a real local TV station (one click away from ITV and BBC) I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has ideas in this direction.

  4. Mark you wouldn't perhaps have an interest in local tv perchance

  5. Er, yes I have Tone. Do you think its a good idea? Or not?