Monday, June 25, 2007

This is still Britain ?

From The Times
Bashir Maan, Scottish representative on the Muslim Council of Britain, said that the award had been unwise and risked alienating the country’s Muslims.
“Honouring a man who has been so antiIslam is not a good idea . . . It is bad for the honours system in general. The feeling among people is that it should be taken back,” Mr Maan said, adding that those British Muslims not already alienated by the Iraq war and Britain’s other Middle East policies were now likely to desert the Labour Party.

Quoted in the Sun Labour Lord Ahmed “Honouring a man who has blood on his hands goes too far.” “This man not only provoked violence around the world because of his writings, but there were many people who were killed around the world.”

From the Telegraph
Protesters attacked photographers and one shouted: "Salman Rushdie is a devil. He should be attacked. We as Muslims should never forget how he insulted the prophet.
"We have a responsibility to hold the Queen accountable for standing with the people who insult Islam."

In a letter to more than 500 mosques, the Muslim Council of Britain accused Mr Blair personally of rewarding an author who had "vilified" Islam. "Muslims can only see this action as an attempt to create deep offence to Muslims and divert their attention from contributing to community cohesion in these challenging times," said Muhammad Abdul Bari, the secretary-general.

What can you say except this country has the luxury of Free speech, which some may consider a high price, me disturbing as it is, I feel its better than the alternative you find in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.

As we have free speech, the Muslim council of Britain are free to insult the country they have made their home, (and been welcomed by the British for decades). Maybe the very principled Lord Ahmed might consider, renouncing his peerage(slim chance?) perhaps the Labour party could enquire if he’s comfortable as a member of a democratic non sectarian party?

Anything between one and two million Muslims live in this country, they live as we all do in a free society, make the same contributions to our wealth and culture, a handful are uncomfortable with our freedom, since this country is liable to remain predominantly Christian. I just wonder why the critics don’t just move to a less tolerant but more Islamic country where they would share a common hatred of our liberty.

I cannot help but feel, that had a Christian, Jew or atheists made similarly insulting remarks about the Islamic community they would no doubt be in discussions with the old bill. Incidentally isn’t threatening the Queen as head of State treason?

As someone who has always accepted, that we are all equal, I'm getting more than sick of extremists, who use and abuse their faith as a political weapon to batter decent people. Britain has nothing to apologise for, and has been a safe haven for Muslims, Jews, Christan's etc for decades.

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