Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Local News

As you might expect occasionally I take a gander at our local media particularly written, Kent Regional Papers titles Gazette Times & Adscene are quite prominent, so I was surprised to see that last nights pivotal meeting was being covered by their most recent recruit Thom Morris.

Alex McNally senior reporter (one of three), finished last week apparently leaving to take up a new job abroad, I hope that he is replaced as without proper professional journalist, me and other bloggers would probably have little to write about and the public less to debate.

It must be some pressure for eight journalists to churn out, three newspapers a week and even harder for seven.


  1. Which is why a lot of it is, er, borrowed from the local blogs.

  2. I think I'm insulted. But I can't be sure. Eight journalists? There aren't where I work. I'm sure the dissapointment of my Turner article will fill you with joy anyway.

  3. gardfahl don't be insulted, if I'm in the mood to insult anyone I generally go for the Dr or ECR

    I was, just pointing out the hard work that you and your colleagues do.

    I was surprised, that since you've only just joined the paper you'd be covering such an event.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. It was said in good spirits Tony, it's difficult to get that across in print unless I used smilies (which I refuse to do) but take a large pinch of salt with things I say and together we will crush ECR! Yes I'll find who he is... oh yes.