Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog News

I ‘m not bothered where I take my inspiration, and trawling through the interweb I always seem to return to Thanet bloglist for something to read or just to check out the competition.

Often you will stumble across new blogs which are as surprising, as they might be informative one such is Mrs Tara Plumbing, now to be honest I have not read this in any detail before, well that’s bull, till tonight I’ve avoided it, must be some primeval throwback male ego type thing, to ignore women.

I confess, I have, like a lot of men, a fear of women who know what their about, in short I’m pretty much a male chauvinist. Anyhow when the pickings on this site are thin, I would heartily recommend this site, it is what a blog should be, entertaining, thought provoking, amusing and part of the increasingly competitive bloggerati community. Finally I note that on this site there are some nice touches, such as email subscription, recent comments, which I might just er borrow.

To be honest before I started reading the above, I was just about to have a bitch about another blog, the occasional “Observing Thanet” which has now become “Observers big red blog” (is it me or is everything becoming big), anyhow I’ll give it miss, except to say, that it seems to have erupted in a rather venomous and bitter way, maybe a modern day poison pen letter (I realise that I may well be, a little bit abrasive).


  1. I used to have the odd read of Mrs Tara's blog, but, whilst it is undoubtedly well written, at the end of the day it seemed like a thinly disguised attempt at viral marketing to me, which is why I don't bother anymore. Still, good luck to her. We've all got some kind of agenda, why not plumbing?

  2. I agree with you ECR that it is some clever marketing, but why not?

    Yes it ventures into plumbing bits and bobs but there are often sections on there that are completely unrelated.

    The question is..... does Mrs TP exist???

  3. Of course she does - she's Mrs Tara Plumbing!

    BTW, I think now is the time to confess that I too have been running my blog purely in the interests of marketing. Marketing myself, that is. And it's been such a success that they've just offered me a little part time number on the bread counter at Tescos!

  4. I have found a relaxing blog to go to, where you can see bits of Thanet being made prettier by a gang of youngsters!

  5. Advertorial or whatever its a good read but im no plummer

  6. Women of Britain. Know your place!

  7. Of course it's an advert!
    Some of the best entertainment around is produced as such. It has ensured anyone looking for us via a google are likely to find us!

    Any way, I'm pleased some of you are enjoying it.

    Obviously it is intended to be entertaining and it is NOT aimed at people looking for a plumber.

    Mr Big News. I wonder if you would know it was written by a woman if I used a male personna?

  8. Mrs Plumbing
    Probably not be able to assess gender, from writing style, also I confess I’m not as PC as I might appear, in truth Flaig mansions is actually a cave and is the repository of masculine thinking from the dawn of time, that is until Mrs Me arrives home to sort me out.