Friday, June 15, 2007

Chauffeur anyone!

Since I started this blog, you will have seen, frequent reference, to Seeda (South East England Development Agency), as I have suggested, this government agency is out of touch, with the realities of the people and now it seems the regions geography aswell.

According to Kent Online, Jim Braithwaite chairman of Seeda has found it necessary to fork out, the best part of £50,000 for a chauffeur driven car, apparently this was 'essential'.

Now in common with Jim Braithwaite, I too have difficulty, travelling round the region, unfortunately for me, although my work is probably as essential in its own sort of way, I have to drive myself and then still do a full day's work.

Anyway read the facts for yourself, click here, all I can say is the doings of unelected civil servants, never ceases to amaze me especially where money concerned.

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