Friday, June 22, 2007

Meridian Local to you ?
I’ve probably bored you witless by now with accusations that our local county government, are looking after Maidstone and the west of the county, ignoring east & coastal Kent.

Not for the first time, I have realised this is a trait, shared by our broadcast media, the BBC decided a long time ago, to hide themselves in the rather complacent and sleepy town of Tunbridge Wells, which to be honest suits the temperament of their often middle aged and mellow staff.

Radio Kent, occasionally speaks with Sandy Ezekiel (leader Thanet council) although this week I did catch local author, Jane Wenham-Jones flogging her book, but as far local issues are concerned coverage is patchy and ill informed as their recent piece on Margate airport showed.

This feeling of living off the map, was reiterated by the Meridian Tonight programme, who’ve introduced a new feature “Local to You” which according to the graphics for the feature shows no significant population centre east of Canterbury.

The new feature entitled “Local to You?” in fairness is probably some cost cutting venture, in which the viewer is encouraged to send in news but even better than that, the production team, can put their feet up and nip down the pub early because the viewer is encouraged to film and edit the bloody thing themselves.

Well I’ve got news for Meridian I have evidence of intelligent life to the east of Maidstone, here in Thanet, and further I suspect that Meridian news service is poor as you can get without some regulator stepping in. If nothing else it looks like Meridian desperately need news for their evening programme, so give generously. I’m not sure whether or not to submit this for the “Local to You?” feature or not. One thing I would suggest is that they get a new map of Kent.


  1. Good point Tony
    I copied your piece to David Johns at Meridian for comment

  2. And I've copied it to my old chum David Mannion, editor of ITV News.

  3. I control the and web domains and would like to contact people who are interested in developing a real local TV station (one click away from ITV and BBC) I would be pleased to hear from anyone who has ideas in this direction.
    Unfortunately Bobs negated my ability to go to KCC for realistic funding.
    Thankyou Mark Hewins

  4. Ive copied it to Mr Puss who well he's still sleeping at the moment!

  5. Well I get incensed at weekends with Meridian for when they display the weather maps, even Canterbury and Ashford are missing. All points east of Maidstone are not worth a mention weatherwise. And why is it always broadcast from the South?

  6. Thanks Tone, a furball would be more help than nothing! Sorry about the impertinant and rattle throwing blub cluttering up your fine pages, but Im starting to get frustrated. Eastcliff tells me thats normal.
    Best wishes, Mark Hewins