Tuesday, June 05, 2007

You are what you listen to, as I find myself agreeing with Sandy Ezekiel

I'm one of these people, who will never get used to breakfast tele, except when in a hotel room and even then, I prefer radio. Its convenient, something that you can transport throughout the house, as you stumble and crash around getting ready for work.

Now one constant throughout my life, has been the today programme, on Radio 4, this is what wakes me up, when I was kid it was in the background, until I drowned it out with Radio 1, now 40 years later, John Humphries blasts from my alarm clock assuming I have a late start after six.

The tendency to listen to Radio 1 on the way to work, ceased at the time that, the ginger bloke, turned up at breakfast, no coincidence, since then I have wavered from the bland Invicta, KMFM to the irritatingly comfortable Radio 2, and Sarah Kennedy whose twee, gentle humour and middleclass anecdotes, push one of my younger co-workers to the edge of sanity, fortunately for him, my breaking point is about the same as his.

Disturbingly, I have found myself listening in recent times, to Radio Kent which till now, I’ve always assumed was for those in their late twilight years. However, I find John Warnett discussing local news, although seemingly unchallenging vaguely reassuring and informative when compared to the inquisition, provided by John Humphries and co on the Today programme.

I had come to the conclusion, that either I’m going soft or getting old or both, which sadly was confirmed this morning, when Sandy Ezekiel piped up in defence of Margate, after the Peoples rather skewed story (see 3rd June) I had to agree with much that he said including I think “Absolute disgrace”.

That whippersnapper Nick Dorman formally of Thanet Times & Gazette now elevated to one of Britain’s less popular “gutter press”* titles has a lot to answer for!

*Press that engages in sensational journalism (especially concerning the private lives of public figures).

Still your only as old as the radio you listen to, and to prove this see my latest personal radio.

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