Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Thom Morris also known as Gardfahl, has returned to breath fresh life into his Hetromorphic Horsefeathers Blog, but not I guess before a good swill with mouthwash (see blog post).

Also in a blogging exclusive he reveals news of a freshly invigorated "thisiskent.co.uk" website which apparently became live at 8pm click here with caution (if of nervous disposition) since unlike the previous one no expense has been spared and new improved graphics are in use, even colour photography.

Seems that Thom is now all powerful I have carefully extracted this quote from his blog "Despite emails literally pouring in from across the globe demanding to know why certain stories don't appear on the web I can now appease all the critics by informing you that I now control the internets."

Presumably the critics referred to are those rather snooty journalists etc who were rather critical of the Gazette's digital presence and reporting of China Gate which to Thom's & Rebecca Smith credit was somewhat better than yourthanet and thanet extra.

Anyway its good to see that Kent Regional Newspapers are responding to readers raised expectations!


  1. This may look like a forward step on the part of Kent Regional News and Media, and in technology terms it is.

    But if you look closely you will find that there are now only a selection of stories from KRNM's titles across the whole of East Kent. Previously you could read the entire Thanet Times and Isle of Thanet Gazette (bar the front page) for free. So it looks more like a cynical ploy by KRNM's bean counters to force us to schlep down to the newsagents and cough up our hard-earned for the rags!

  2. Isn't it funny how the 'editor' only let poor Thom blog again in order to promote the new website?

    I wonder how long she will let him blog this time before having a hissy fit and making him stop blogging?

    The site is even worse than before and unless something is done will be a nail in the coffin of KRN's thanet papers. It seems to only have a few stories on there, it's hardly what you would expect of the supposed 'paper of record'.

    Why do other papers seem to be able to manage to give readers at least as many stories as you can read in the papers? Decent papers will even offer more than the newspapers do.