Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thought for the Day - China Gate to much to swallow

We are, all aware that tonight is the big planning meeting, which will no doubt accept, Thanets planning "officers" suggestions to go ahead and allow Chinagate. Couple of things worry me, firstly the possible contamination of our water supply, which can no doubt be dealt with by proper drainage, which I'm sure developers will pay for, since they stand to make shed loads of money, assuming the finance side holds together.

The biggest worry is the shear scale of the development, Thanet council were never considered capable of building the Turner Gallery(MK1), hence KCC had to oversee that cockup. Since this project is far larger, do they really have the expertise to decide on a development of this scale, and just where are the roads to support this.

Still public opinion and common-sense rarely triumphs over money, and I sure tonight will be no exception, how sad! Incidentally I'm convinced the water supply has really been a bit of a red herring. Imagine if we had been discussing acres of concrete and more gridlock instead, doesn't bare thinking about! which we haven't.

The picture, that's just an ornamental carrot from another Chinese meal, that was to big swallow.
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  1. I have no doubt that you are correct that money will beat thinking and insight. It'd be nice to be wrong though.

  2. Grasshopper have you not yet mastered the art of carving your own vegetable based flowers?

  3. I see now they are saying that "not all" the employees will be taken from the local population.

  4. Anon 01:11 Ah the carrot thing, yes, to be honest I'd forgotten. But I shall resume my quest soon, probably when the weather chills a little and I'm preparing a stew and can torture root vegetables and then destroy the evidence.

    Anon 12:00 Well with all these grandiose schemes and multimillion pound investments its always a surprise when the money runs out and that the majority of jobs will be for foreigners on the national minimum slave wage.