Monday, August 04, 2008

Thanet strife in bags

I just wonder, with all these bags of documents, turning up, how come the mysterious bertie biggles has disappeared? Still personally I reckon this mystery, would have been one for James Bigglesworth, the original and more credible "Biggles".

Unfortunately for us Bertie

And doesn't

Is unable to

Im sure original would be able to

Lets see if Bertie

Im off for an oveltine, and a good book! If your thinking what the hells that all about visit Thanetonline or ECR

Surprisinly bertie biggles who always seems so well connected appears to be out of the loop on this one and gone fishing?


  1. Good question Tony. It seems a strange (or perhaps convenient?) time for him to have absented himself from the Thanet scene.

  2. Brigadier-General "bonzo" BigglesworthTuesday, 5 August 2008 at 11:27:00 BST

    About time someone spoke out!

    Well done Sir!

    I hesitate to comment on the distress that "Bertie Biggles" has caused the family, however I am just as concerned for James his cousin "Algy" (the Hon. Algernon Lacey) and their young friend "Ginger" Hebblethwaite, who I feel is quite impressionable.

    I cannot in all honesty, elaborate more, as my language would become to ungentlemanly, I understand ladies sometime read your pages. Suffice it to say James, Algernon and Ginger are a credit to Queen and Country

    Thank you for maintaining our reputation and Good name!

    With Respect
    Brigadier-General "Bonzo" Bigglesworth

  3. Thank you for your kind words Bonzo, how are things in Norfolk.

  4. Me, I prefered the novels by the esteeemed WE Johns, relating to Gimlet