Thursday, August 14, 2008

Engineering Works

As I mentioned yesterday, I am tinkering with my website and in doing so, seem to have lost a few features on the way. I thought I would make myself look busy by adding an additional column, and as is the fashion the almost obligatory news feed from elsewhere.

Still it probably takes an age to load my blog, and already I can see a problem, in that it appears a tad laggardly in refreshing the blogsite news feed, and I don't doubt, some will believe that I'm holding them back.

I've temporarily or permantly removed essential links in favour a newsfeed. Right now I image eyes glazing and ................

Yes I know its boring, one other thing, if there isn't a feed to a local blog that should feature because its local or good or whatever let me know, or if like some who are uncomfortable with Bignews Margate's style and you own a blog but feel a little tainted by inclusion, I will also remove.


  1. Blimey! And I thought Augusta Road was a mess!

  2. Now, now, play nicely gentlemen (though that comment did make me laugh!).

    But I do think Tony that the site a bit too crammed now, & I preferred it a bit more basic.

  3. Tony,

    I liked it simple, but maybe cos I am..

  4. ps, good blogs, but links to others are important

  5. well its experimental probably more mental, although one blogger I spoke with earlier seemed a bit miffed when enquiring as to how you add an addition column< i suggested that sling their hook

  6. One other point: the green text on your banner is very difficult to read.