Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just been fooling around this afternoon with headline feeds from other blogs it seems its now expected, in fact one of my rivals seemed a tad huffy that I hadn't.
Any how I shall experiment further, but one idea I had was just nicking the feed from ThanetBlogList, anyway I note that I'm apparently persona non grata, since I've had no mention for several days (@17:34 13/8/08).
Thanet Blog List Independent yes complete no. No doubt a hideous error which will be rectified
For some mysterious reason @ 18:59 13/8/08 I've reappeared after a three day absence.


  1. People who sign up to the council’s green waste scheme in the next three months will be entered into a prize draw.

    Lucky entrants have the possibility of having their waste collected for free until April 2009.

    The prize is aimed at encouraging people to sign up for the scheme and every resident who joins in August, September and October will automatically be entered, along with everyone who is already signed up.

    Almost 3,000 people have now joined the scheme, which started in mid April.

    You can join by calling 01843 577115 or by visiting and paying with a credit or debit card.

  2. Posts on the Thanet Blog List often show up late or in non-chronological order. But yours certainly turn up sooner or later.

    I wish all local bloggers would get on there, as this is my main way of checking latest blogs (if you're not on there then chances are I never read your blogs!).

  3. I understand that the system Thanet blog List uses has to fetch and cache each item from a feed. It works but it eats up system resources if you are not carefull.

    By the way you've ben spammed by TDC. A whole new low for our council.

  4. A better way to get people to sign up to the GW scheme is to make it free for ever.