Saturday, August 23, 2008

Criminal Loss

The latest scandal concerning data loss, leaves me thinking, so what?

I couldn't give a toss for the loss of personal data of convicted criminals, whats the worst that could happen, some one finds this personal information, and what, sends them a birthday card?

Its quite clear that computers and government don't fit, to well, since just about every major computer project the government embarks on doubles and triples in price, rarely works or gets finished.

It remains a mystery why computer company bosses, don't end up in nick themselves, for fraud, particularly since there crimes end up costing us billions.


  1. Tony, the loss of this data is very serious. criminlals who have done their time deserve some privacy. Crrinmals who are denided a second chance are bound to re-offend. In todays's climate one may get a criminal record by throwing an apple core into the street. Think on. What's going on here?

  2. An even bigger issue is the embarrassment of the government getting sued and us having to pay for it when as you observe these people might not be deserving...

    Also while (this time) you and I are not directly hurt (yet) by this loss it's another indicator of just how badly government at all levels simply does not understand what data security is.

    Rule one is that portable data should be fully encrypted. With Rule two saying that you work with sensitive data only in a protected environment and b***dy well don't remove the data. Back i the day when this was done with paper removing data from secure archives was something where if you only got fired you counted yourself lucky.

    I give up with our entire leadership from PM down to Council dogsbody - we seem to have institutionalised stupidity so ho we ever got a reputation as being the world leaders on security is beyond me.

  3. Interesting gary, 'Criminals who have done their time deserve privacy' Like Gary Glitter?.

  4. "In todays's climate one may get a criminal record by throwing an apple core into the street."

    Really? Can you tell me what dimension you are in so I can live there too?

  5. Gary criminals are criminals, so what, yes of course some are victim of circumstance, etc but lets not kid ourselves most, only regret getting caught so please, there are plenty more victims in this world than criminals.

    Also I admire your campaign for less interference in our live, but as I say I could give a toss in this case